Can't Afford a Pro Photog? We Can Help!

photo:Jeanie DeNuzzio

When it comes to wedding photos a well-trained, experienced pro is the way to go. The lasting value that they offer simply cannot be defined in monetary terms alone. When you open that photo album 5, 10, 25 years down the road you will experience those memories and emotions you felt on the day you said "I do" all over again.

That being said, there are times when a pro simply is not in the budget. That's where Jeanie comes in. True Story Time: When Jeanie and I got married, we had a budget somewhere in the neighborhood of $6.27. A pro shooter was simply something we couldn't even consider. Our plan was to pass around disposable cameras and let family take the shots they wanted. Soon after the wedding we realized that most of the cameras had 2-5 shots taken out of 24 exposures and of those 2-5, the majority were, to put it delicately, taken in areas best reserved for private functions. Yes, we had those kinds of friends. Luckily, Jeanie's great-uncle Arnie, a photo hobbyist, came to our rescue by presenting us with a nice flipbook of wedding photos as a wedding gift. And now we try to pass on that gift to you.

  Jeanie is no point-and-shoot Little Leaguer. Think of her this way: if she was a hockey player, she would play for the Hershey Bears; football player, she would be in the Arena League- Go Pittsburgh Power!; baseball- the Pittsburgh Pirates. 

We now offer some very affordable wedding photo packages featuring professionally-processed prints for you and your families, photobooks, and enhanced photos on CD all shipped to you.

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Need engagement shots? Jeanie will do those, too!

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