Your Wedding Officiants

Serving Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio and Northern West Virginia

Everyone- regardless of their religious beliefs, age, sexual orientation or background- deserves to have a beautiful wedding ceremony. That's why we work to provide you with the ceremony you want, whether it's a traditional Christian ceremony, civil ceremony, elopement, renewal of vows or any alternative ceremonies you may have in mind.

All faiths and all people are welcome! An open-minded and open-hearted officiant can help bridge the gap between the world's various spiritual traditions. We work to serve all- Eastern and Western, Spiritual and Earth-based, Humanist and those who spiritually ride the fence. (Atheists and agnostics included!)

In case I didn't make the point enough I'm going to beat that dead horse a little more and mention All People Means All People- LGBTQ couples included!

Be as Creative as You Like!

After Game 6, Stanley Cup Finals, 2009

Courtesy: Jennifer Heymers Photography

During your wedding you are making a serious commitment to each other, pledging yourselves to be together forever. But amongst many other things, a wedding is a celebration of love- your celebration- and celebrations should be met with good humor and joy.

We're open to any and all ideas for how you'd like your ceremony. If you want Mark to dress up like Lady Gaga... well, you buy the meat, he'll wear the dress! It will be an awkward moment to last a lifetime! If you've got the ideas we'll help you run with them. The only limits are your own creativity! 

Of course, your wedding doesn't have to be all nutty and such to take advantage of our affordable services. From local parks to the Heinz History Center, backyard gardens to Phipps Conservatory, from Pittsburgh to Erie to Chester, Weirton to Youngstown to Morgantown and all places around and in between it's our goal to provide you the ceremony you want and make it as affordable as possible.

After all, your ceremony should be as special to you as you are to each other.

Chap. Mark and Jeanie- Your Wedding Geeks!

Chap. Mark creeping on the Photo Session
Courtesy: Yos Wisnu, yosphoto.com

Married for 23.247129287 years (roughly) ourselves and with more than 1000 happy couples united by our hands, we are an experienced team dedicated to providing you with the perfect ceremony.  While Mark officiates, Jeanie can be there to keep the bridesmaids in tissues and whip the groomsmen into shape. 

Jeanie impersonating a flamboyant chicken

Courtesy: Jennifer Heymers

Jeanie is a trained bridal consultant and is very adept at day-of-the-ceremony coordinating. 

Chap. Mark is, well not, but he does know what a crinoline is and can use the word organza correctly in a sentence. 

Of course, not every couple needs a two-person team to run the ceremony- some venues have their own staff; some couples hire day-of coordinators. We have enough experience to know when to take charge and when to step back. We're wedding geeks, not control freaks. In those cases Jeanie is there simply to keep the lint off Mark's jacket and to remind him not to say anything stupid. 

You needn't break the bank to have your ceremony your way. Treat yourself to a great honeymoon!